Breaking out of Boston: Weekend Trip Ideas For Listless Beantowners

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Boston may be a great city, but sometimes, even this great urban environment can wear on people, necessitating a deep well of weekend trip ideas for those that get easily restless. In every season, the nearby wonders of New England provide residents of Beantown with a wealth of options at their disposal, the following of which are our personal favorite activities…

Spring: Charlemont, MA

Once the massive snowbanks of winter finally begin to subside away like a glacier under threat from global warming, you may be itching to get out of the city to experience the return of warmth to New England in a setting surrounded by nature.

No place in Massachusetts is better for this task than the Berkshires in the western part of the state, as the mountains of the Appalachians make for a picturesque setting once the flowers and leaves of the season begin to sprout and grow.

Add in a dash of adrenaline by riding the zipline at Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours, as their 2,000 foot long routes will jolt the lethargy of a long winter straight out of your bones in one hair-raising ride.

Summer: Block Island, RI

While springs in New England are quite pleasant for the most part, summers can tend to be quite humid in the Boston area, as sticky air masses from the Gulf of Mexico and the magnifying nature of the Urban Heat Island effect can make some days in the big city seem practically unbearable for those without an A/C unit.

It is at times like this when Bostonians flee to Cape Cod and the islands, with Block Island being one of the favorite destinations in the latter category. While many will simply choose to lounge on the beaches, more active types find joy in riding on its many bike trails, while the abundant conservation land found here make Block Island heaven for birders.

Fall: Lake Champlain, VT

New England is spoiled for great places to go when the leaves begin to change color in the chillier days of fall, but perhaps none are matched for their all-round scenic appeal than the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Sugar maples burn crimson red amongst the yellows and oranges of other hardwood trees, while the low mountains of the Appalachians and the deep blue waters of Lake Champlain tie the whole scene together.

Winter: Jay, VT

When Old Man Winter huffs and puffs all over the highlands of the New England states, nowhere does his fortune smile wider than on the slopes of Jay Peak. Boasting one of the longest ski seasons in the Northeast with abundant natural snowfall and extensive snowmaking, ski and boarding enthusiasts in Beantown know where to go when they have a fever, and the only prescription is more powder!

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