Weekend mountain retreats that will re-energize your soul


With the office warriors of the world (yourself included) back at it hard as fall begins to assert itself across the Northern Hemisphere, at some point, they will need to get away to recharge from their efforts at some point. 

With vacation time running short due to the heavy use of it during the prime summer months, and a reluctance to use what’s left since company time off around Christmas is being eroded more and more with each passing year, you might think you won’t be able to get away from your cubicle until the snow flies.

However, with an abundance of worthwhile sights within a short flight or drive of your home city, and by using a long weekend or creating one by tacking a single vacation day on the start or end of a normal weekend, you absolutely can get away from your routine for some soothing time spent among the starkly beautiful peaks of a mountain range near you.

The following weekend mountain retreats allow you to return to nature for a few days, giving you the pause you’ll need to power through the projects that you’ll be working on this fall … let’s talk about a few of them below!

1) Blue Mountains, Australia

Located within a relatively short drive of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are an easily reachable area of subtly beautiful highlands that will pay immediate dividends to the work frazzled professional living in Australia’s biggest city.

In addition to the standard trekking trails, there are many excellent mountain biking trails throughout the area, and those curious to try the newly created and rapidly growing sport of canyoning will have ample opportunities to engage in this exciting activity.

2) Andorra

Sitting within the heart of the Pyrenees, the tiny mountain microstate of Andorra is an idyllic getaway for many busy European professionals, easily accessible for those from Paris and Madrid by a very scenic mountain drive.

Start by walking amidst the old town where ancient churches sit in the shadow of snow-laden peaks, moving on later to peaceful day treks that lead to powerful yet zen-inducing waterfalls.

3) The Cascades, Washington State, USA

If the Pacific Northwest is the corner of the United States is where you call home, then your escape from the pressures of Corporate Seattle can be found in the mountains visible from your glass and concrete office tower.

Mount Rainier is a magnet for native Seattleites looking to cut loose after a tough work week, as its slopes contain many excellent opportunities for horseback riding, trekking and fishing.

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