Tropical Paradises A Short Flight Away From Miami


The summer heat and humidity is starting to filter into the Greater Miami area, and with it comes the worst time of year in this otherwise fabulous city. The air is so soupy, it feels like you can cut it with a steak knife, and the beaches are packed with everybody and their dog, desperately seeking relief from the unbearable heat indexes.

It’s at times like this that the mobile class, of which you count yourself a member, should take to the skies to seek far more relaxing environs instead of barricading yourself inside your glamorous South Beach condo, running up a pricey air conditioning bill in the process.

At the same time, you don’t want to exile yourself to cooler places in the north, as a true vacation in your estimation always involves swaying palms, fresh tropical fruit, and sand so fine it squeaks underfoot when you walk upon it.

Moreover, there are tropical destinations that are actually more comfortable than subtropical South Florida, as these destinations are cooled by trade winds and periodic showers that take the edge off any heat that does exist. Add the fact that the tourist masses are nowhere to be seen during the summer months, and you’ve got yourself an ideal summer vacation, all within a short flight of Miami.

Here are three destinations that fit that bill perfectly:

1) Turks And Caicos

While you might be among a small set of travelers hitting the Caribbean at this time of year, the Bahamas is a popular destination and close enough to Miami that it still may be a bit too overrun to make it the relaxing getaway that you are envisioning. Instead, make for the most distant chain of islands in the Bahamian archipelago, which are the Turks and Caicos.

Here, the weather is unusually arid for a set of islands well out in the Atlantic Ocean, making it a blessed place to be during the summer, when extreme mugginess is assaulting Florida and the Deep South. While the standard beach activities are the main draw here, there is also a highly regraded golf course on the main island of Providenciales, and if you have a high net worth, look into setting up a bank account here, as this island chain is a well-established zero tax zone, for both corporations and individuals.

2) Cayman Islands

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, then the Cayman Islands is your ideal destination. Fine dining, top shelf booze in classy nightclubs, and utterly perfect white sand beaches are all on tap here, and like the Turks And Caicos, there are tax advantages to setting up a company or bank account here, if you are in the position to consider either move.

If you are of more modest means, the Caymans is still worth considering due to its vibrant sea life (manta rays in particular) in the many prolific coral reefs found offshore.

3) Belize

While most of this nation is located within the mainland portions of Central America, the holiday centred Ambergris Caye, found along Belize’s Caribbean coast, will grant you the benefits of being situated within close proximity of the stiff sea breezes that you need so badly.

Snorkelers and divers will be pleased, as the world’s second largest barrier reef sits just offshore (and the Big Blue Hole being a day trip away), and those seeking to try their hand at harvesting the bounty of the sea can sign up for a fishing tour that costs much less than you would expect to pay back in America. Of course, the beaches are divine too, and the locals are charming to interact with, so a quieter vacation here will be just as fulfilling.

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