No passport required: easy tropical getaways in the USA

photo by CC user Abasaa on wikimedia commons

Looking for some easy tropical getaways in the USA, even though you let your passport expire a few months ago?

The sphere of American influence permits citizens to travel far and wide without having an official travel document, and with that in mind, here are three places you can go if you need a quick dose of sun in these quickly darkening days…

1) Hawaii

This one is the place most people think about when getting away from the cold in the USA sans passport, and it’s no wonder: the Hawaiian Islands are drop dead gorgeous, and offer a lot of variety from one isle to the next.

From the cloud-cloaked heights of the Big Island’s volcanoes and the coffee fields that lay in their shadows, to the urban attractions and big wave surfing of Oahu, there is much to love about this corner of the Union.

Kauai and Maui offer waterfalls, world class trekking, and plenty of national parks to discover, while Lanai offers deserted beaches and an off the beaten track vibe that is hard to find elsewhere in the state.

2) Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico governs itself for the most part, but remains an unincorporated territory of the United States.

As such, you needn’t throw your passport into your carry-on when you are packing your last things before heading to the airport, despite the fact that this place will feel very much like a foreign country upon arrival.

Most people there speak Spanish as their first language, though virtually everyone involved with the tourism industry will speak English at a conversational level of fluency.

As for attractions, Old San Juan has just as much colonial charm as other major Spanish capitals elsewhere in Latin America, and there are numerous white sand beaches and world class golf courses spread throughout this island territory, just waiting for you to discover them.

3) Guam

Looking for a Polynesian island with a more exotic feel to it than the Hawaiian Islands? Guam fits the bill nicely, as its remote location from the Philippines to the west (2,500 kilometres), Hawaii to the northeast (6,358 kilometres) and Papua New Guinea to the south (2,200 kilometres) will place you a long way from your cares back home in America.

With United Airlines providing service via Honolulu, you might be in for a long flight, but once you arrive at your hotel facing tropical blue waters and a powdery white sand beach, you’ll forget about the journey that it took for you to get there.

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