Top European Destinations For A Weekend Of Splurging

You’ve been diligent with your money, watching expenses like heating and electricity, not wasting money on consumer goods you don’t really need, and socking away the difference each month so you can travel in style.  Well, the time has come and you’re ready to spoil yourself rotten in some of the finest cities in Europe.  To accomplish this, while ensuring you don’t blow through your savings on the first night, consider these top European destinations for weekend of splurging.

Berlin, Germany, especially the Eastern sector of the city, offers some incredible deals.  Book well in advance, and you can find a luxurious room in a hotel such as the Soho House for as little as 110 Euros a night.  After seeing the sights during the day, which include the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate, head to the pool on the roof and soak your cares away while Berlin hums below.  As far as shopping goes, there are many luxurious clothing boutiques; after finding some killer additions to your wardrobe, celebrate your finds by sitting down in many of Berlin’s stylish coffee shops, and people watch in one of Europe’s most hipster friendly cities.

With the US Dollar gaining unprecedented strength against the British Pound, it has made what was a prohibitively expensive city like Edinburgh, Scotland into a place that you can live large in – if only for a weekend! Will you stay at the famous Hotel Balmoral?  Or will you choose a younger upstart, like Hotel Missoni, designed and run by the Italian design firm of the same name?  Once you’ve laid your bags down at the hotel of your choosing, sample some single malt whiskey at the Scotch Whiskey Experience, or have a meal at one of Edinburgh’s restaurants that have at least one Michelin star – Edinburgh’s got the highest concentration outside of London!

Want to get away to France, but craving a different experience than Paris?  Catch a connecting flight to Lyon, out in the French countryside, and in the midst of France’s wine culture.  Stay at the Villa Florentine, a converted convent that has a Michelin star restaurant on site.  But you know what?  Skip it.  Because in Lyon is the signature restaurant of one of the world’s most famous chefs, Paul Bocuse.  Weighing in at three Michelin stars, Auberge du Pont de Collonges is not a cheap place – his seven course meals cost about $287 a person … but you’ve been saving for these experiences.  You deserve it!

You’ve defined what matters to you in life – not useless material things, but memorable experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your days.  You have the money.  Now get out there and use it to live the high life in Europe during a weekend of splurging!

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