The Best of Montreal in 48 Hours

The weekend has arrived once again, but lately you’ve become bored with your at-home routine during your days of rest.  What if you mixed things up a bit and skipped the country for 48 hours.  Too much of a hassle you think?  No.  It’s easier than you think!  Just north of the border in Canada lies a world of stimulating experiences.  One such city in America’s neighbour to the north that captures the imagination of many is Montreal.  The largest French city in the world outside of France, Montreal contains many cultural experiences that are markedly different from your typical North American city.

So check out of work early on Friday afternoon, board that plane, and jet off to one of Canada’s most sophisticated cities for a weekend of foreign fun!

First and foremost, be sure to the sample many of the famous culinary dishes that this city is famous for.  Grab a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli, or if it’s a little bit too early for that, get a Montreal bagel from St. Viateur.  Blanched in honey water, it’s a tasty treat that’ll start your morning properly.

After filling your tummy with gastronomic goodness, it’s time to burn off some of those calories.  Do so by climbing Mount Royal.  A small mountain in the centre of Montreal island, and at the heart of this thriving metropolis, it is where Montrealers spend many weekends chilling out on the grass, reading books, playing Frisbee or catch, watching buskers and performance artists, or just sitting there taking in some of the best people watching on the continent.  None of this makes mention of the incredible views that can be had of the city below.

For culture vultures, there are several options to pursue from here.  You can spend the rest of the afternoon taking in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, or you can arrange tickets to watch the highly acclaimed Cirque De Soleil, a human-driven circus performance that rides the cutting edge of acrobatics and artistic expression.

For those with sports on the brain 24/7, check out the Montreal Alouettes, a Canadian Football League team during the summer and fall seasons. If the icy winds of Winter are blowing, check out some National Hockey League action by watching the storied Montreal Canadiens, winners of 24 Stanley Cups, from October through April (or later, playoffs permitting).

After your evening activities have concluded, head to St. Catherine’s Street for some exciting nightlife action.  If the late night munchies strike, dig into the calorie and flavour rich Quebecois treat, poutine, to quell your hunger pangs.

As you sit in the departure lounge on Sunday afternoon, waiting to fly back home to restart your weekly routine, you can reflect upon the 48 hours you spent in Montreal and take heart in the fact you lived life to the max with the valuable time granted to you, given the busy professional life that you lead!

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