How to spend a 24 hour layover in Singapore


Whether you are coming home after cutting a big business deal in Asia, or you are en route to a tropical paradise in the region and you are connecting through Singapore’s award winning Changi Airport, Singapore has much to offer the traveler that has a long layover to kill.

Being a thriving city-state within a portion of the world that has been on a roll in recent times, and having a heritage that has gifted it with cultural aspects that will delight you, penning yourself within Changi (despite the fact that it has innumerable distractions that will tide over the time just the same) during this time would be doing this place a disservice.

If you aren’t terribly exhausted, hop on the MRT train and take a long what this prosperous place has in store for you!

Go shopping on Orchard Road

Being a place where many goods are shipped in and out, there is an abundance of things to buy in an endless procession of shopping arcades, but the best area by far is the opulent locale known as Orchard Road.

The combination of low or non-existent taxes on imports combined will the full gamut of luxury goods available in its many shops (which include Marks & Spencer, Louis Vuitton and Japanese sensation Uniqlo) will have you buying all kinds of fine things. So much so, that buying an extra suitcase might need to get added to your list!

Stuff your face at a hawker centre

Located within a region that is becoming known globally as one of the world’s best gastronomic hubs, Singapore has a vast quantity of dishes from three main cultures in inexpensive outdoor food courts known as hawker centres.

Will you be able to choose one dish to gnaw on?  Or will you prance merrily from booth to booth, hovering generous portions of Chinese, Indian and Malay food until your stomach is stuffed.  Hey, at least you’ll sleep the whole way home on your long-haul flight, so it’s a win-win proposition!

Try your luck at Marina Bay Sands

If you want to see one of Singapore’s most recent and iconic structures, heading to Marina Bay Sands before hopping back on the airport shuttle is pretty much mandatory. Consist of three towers that have a massive platform that supports a rooftop infinity pool on top, checking this place out is worth it for the views alone.  If you feel like courting Lady Luck, a vast array of table games is available to allow you to put your money on the line in the pursuit of a big payoff.

Singapore: pretty much the best layover ever  

Whether you decide to stay within the confines of the amusement park-like Changi Airport, or take some time to venture into the city itself, any layover spent in this city is bound to be one of the best ones you’ll ever experience.  While you could do the former, experiencing this cities’ vitality by eating at its hawker centres, browsing awesome deals in its megamalls, or admitting the view from 60 storeys up seems like a far better use of your time.

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