A Quick Weekend in the Cayman Islands

Ugh, this oppressive humidity! After peeling your shirt off your body in the same manner that you would remove a peel from a banana for the third time today, you have had it! You need to get out of the Deep South, but you are perilously short on vacation days. However, you are forgetting something: the islands of the Caribbean, fanned by trade winds and cooling rains (only for about an hour per day on average), are only but a flight away from you.

Whether you call Miami, Atlanta, or New Orleans home, you are only mere hours away from a refreshing and decadent weekend escape in the Cayman Islands. To fill you in on what you could be enjoying as soon as next Friday afternoon, we will go over just a few things that you could be doing that will provoke the ultimate looks of envy, jealousy, and pure disbelief on your co-worker’s faces when you fill them in on your weekend in the Cayman Islands!

Soak in the beauty of Seven Mile Beach

After putting up with the petty frustrations of airport security, getting out of the airport and dealing with the formalities of check-in at your hotel, the sight of Seven Mile Beach’s legendary beauty will be just what your soul has been craving for months. While portions of this beach are lined with resorts, there are just as many stretches backed by nothing but lush tropical greenery, making it easy to find your own little personal getaway with a bit of effort!

Swim with mantas at Stingray City

If you’re seeking just a bit more magic in your life than that, then a guided trip to Stingray City will conjure up the excitement you are seeking in a single snorkel session. Stingray City is a series of shallow sandbars situated off the north coast of Grand Cayman Island, a fact that has created an environment that manta rays find to be ideal for their existence. They come here by the dozens, creating an experience that you must experience first-hand to truly understand the wonder of it all.

Indulge in a fine meal at Ortanqiue

The only way to cap off a truly breathtaking weekend in the Caymans is to partake of the many highly rated fine dining establishments that this higher end destination is famous for. One that we can heartily recommend is Ortanique, which is the creation of famed Miami chef Cindy Hutson. Here, fine food sourced from local ingredients is paired with under the stars dining to create a culinary experience that will cement the Caymans as a destination that you won’t be able to forget if you tried!

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