Obscure destinations to visit in 2015

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Bored of the same old vacation spots? When planning your holidays in 2015, spare a thought for the following obscure destinations, as they offer more than a sun lounger and vanilla boring beach. Let’s look at three such places you could get away to this year…

1) Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada

While it isn’t the cheapest place in the world to visit, those looking for a breath-stealing getaway should hop on a plane for Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut. Being Canada’s largest island and crisscrossed by soaring peaks that 99% of Canadians have not/will not ever see, there is unspeakable beauty awaiting those willing to don a few base layers in the middle of the summer and brave the famously sky high prices that can be found in this part of the globe.

Check out the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum in Iqaluit, which contains a wide variety of Inuit artifacts found at archeological sites from across the 787,000 square kilometres that this expansive territory inhabits. Don’t leave the north without checking out Auyuittuq National Park, which has the distinction of having the world’s highest vertical drop at Mount Thor (1,250 metres).

2) Paraguay

Lacking the mountains or beaches that many other South American nations use to pull in the tourists from far and wide, poor little Paraguay nonetheless has attractions that make it one of our obscure destinations to visit in 2015. With a cost of living that is markedly lower than in neighboring nations (like Brazil, Chile and Argentina), you can enjoy the joy that is carne asada for prices that will turn even more meat adverse travelers into flesh eating machines.

There are many museums in the capital Asuncion which will fill you in on the story of this pastoral country, while out in the countryside, there are a number of former and current colonies to explore, from an attempted Marxist commune that was started by Australians, as well as a number of German Mennonite community that continue to exist to this day.

3) Faroe Islands

You might think that Europe would have been explored completely by this point, but there still are corners where intrepid travelers can find obscure and remote places. The Faroe Islands is one of those locales, which is a small archipelago of 18 isles in the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway.

Though it is technically a Danish possession, this chilly but emerald green place is self-governed, giving it a unique sense of identity. Most of the population lives off the land, but once the light of day fades, they reward their hard work by partying harder than most people you know, making a night out here a spectacle that begs to be experienced.

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