Messini: Your Luxurious Greek Getaway


With the weather serving as motivation to grind away at your career this past winter, you have achieved a great deal of progress to show for it. While the process sucked at times, the sacrifice was worth it, even as you longed for the beaches of the Caribbean or Southeast Asia.

While your schedule continues to be quite harried even as the calendar progresses towards spring and summer, you have decided that it is high time that you rewarded yourself, even if it is only for a week at the most. In recent days you have been looking into holidays to Greece, and you like what you see.

Of all the possibilities that you have considered, you have to admit that Messini has intrigued you the most.  Situated on the mainland that many party people and hedonists brush off in favour of the Aegean islands, this destination nonetheless has amazing beaches, intricate ruins to explore, and the rural charm of the countryside that is missing in many of the island destinations these days.

Ready to learn about the aspects of Messini that will treat you to the break that you so richly deserve?  Then read on and prepare to get excited!


The first things you’ll likely want to indulge in upon arrival in Messini is an amazing spa treatment, given all the stress you’ve exposed yourself to over the last few months.  Neilson has an excellent one on site, meaning that you won’t even have to leave the property to be kneaded into a looser, more relaxed state.

Graze on local Greek cuisine at Ta Rolla

While many that spend time on all-inclusive resorts tend to cocoon themselves in their home cuisine, lest they be disappointed by a foreign countries’ food, you have no such qualms about heading to the main street of your destination and seeing what a place is all about via your taste buds. Here, a local family has been preparing the native cuisine since 1924 will treat to the best that the motherland has to offer, and all at a price point that averages under $20.

Wandering amid the ghosts of a mighty empire

Long ago, when much of the world we know today was a wilderness where daily survival was a brutish affair, the Greeks had managed to build a civil society that came shockingly close to the standard of living that we enjoy today. The most recent iteration of the Kalamata Castle was constructed in the medieval age, but a palace housing an ancient Hellenistic king had been there previously as far back as 1,300 BCE.  Another fascinating place can be found just north of Kalamata, as the remains of Messene are all the evidence of this former city state, having been destroyed by the Spartans long ago.

Greece is your gift for a job well done

While you are one ambitious ladder climber, don’t forget to feed yourself the carrot that will keep you moving toward success.  By making room in your life for trips to places like Greece, you will enrich your life in a way that will make you happier, and therefore more effective in your work life.   

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