How To Waltz Through Airport Security With Ease

Airport security can often be toilsome. Most airports in the world have gotten used to the security upgrades and are now better staffed than they were a decade back. Yet, you are likely to spend quite some time, in the queue and at the security check before you can head for your flight. Everyone would like to find out how to waltz through airport security with ease but unless you are a VVIP, you have to do a bit of research and a bit of homework. With adequate planning and adherence to these tips, you shouldn’t take longer than 10 odd minutes to get over with the complete procedure.

Know The Rules

By now you should know that jewelry, pocketknives, too many nickels or anything that has some metal on it would be checked thoroughly and some of them would be taken away. You wouldn’t be allowed to carry water, any type of liquid including your favorite cola and not even gels or puddings. There is a capping on liquid or semi liquid items at every airport. Knowing these rules will help you as you can avoid carrying what is not allowed.

Plan Well

Your entire plan to waltz through airport security with ease would have to be split into three phases. First, you should pack well and smartly. Second, you should dress smartly. Third, you should time your arrival at the airport and boarding efficiently.

Unless you have a very small bag and hardly any luggage to take along with you, taking hand baggage is undesirable. The more luggages you have on you, the more extensive and time consuming your security check would be. Put everything that you have in the large travel bag and opt for hold baggage. If you do not have any hand baggage, that is the best scenario.

You should dress very smartly. Put on slip-in shoes, wear overcoats that can be easily taken off and do not carry much change if you do not need them. The tiny nickels can set the bells ringing and that will delay your check-in.

You should arrive at the airport early. The earlier you get to the security, the less crowded it would be and the less worried you shall be about your flight. Keep all your documents including boarding passes ready and belongings in your pocket and wallet handy to roll them over the conveyer. You should also pull out your laptop from the case, turn off your tablets or phones and any other gadgets before you reach the security check to smoothen things out.

With the aforementioned strategy, you can be done in much less than 10 minutes at an airport security, including the time you spend standing in the queue.

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