Escape to Some Winter Sun in These 5 Glorious Getaways


Winter has arrived and is in full force. The days are short dreary and cold and you find yourself daydreaming at work of bright blue skies, sunshine and warmth. Escape for some winter sun this year and forget about the gloomy, grey skies of home. Here are five places you can plan your escape to.


Explore the beauty of Vietnam (one of the top ten summer holiday destinations in Asia) and soak up the sun on one of its many pristine beaches. Head into Ho Chi Minh City and immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of Buddhist pagodas, French colonial architecture and the history of Ho Chi Minh. Be sure to enjoy the wonderful food that this country has to offer.


Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa and it is a fabulous destination for people seeking sun, sand, and blue skies. You can take part in water sports like windsurfing, diving, or sailing, or just relax on one the beautiful beaches. Take an adventurous camel ride and check out one of the volcanic landscapes. Be sure to stop in at Teguise Market before you leave and try bartering for clothing, handbags, hand painted ceramics, and many other locally made crafts.

South Africa

South Africa offers a wide variety of outdoor things for sun seekers to do. Explore picturesque Cape Town and its backdrop of beautiful Table Mountain. You can take a tram up to the mountain and see the view below as well. For the more adventurous folk you can also cage dive with Great White Sharks off of the coast. Head into Johannesburg and see where Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela once lived. The Nelson Mandela Museum is in his former residence so be sure to visit and explore the fascinating journey of his life.  Go on a safari and experience seeing lions, rhinoceros, elephants, leopards, crocodiles and many more in their natural habitat. Be sure to explore through local wineries and sample the world famous wines and gourmet food that South Africa is becoming known for.


Rent a campervan and travel through Australia. Stop in Sidney to view Opera House and spend a day at Bondi Beach. Head north along the coast and you will come to Brisbane. Australia is huge so do some research before head to figure out what you wish to see. Or take your campervan into the Outback and explore the fascinating natural sights and small towns.


Hawaii is a great place to rent a car and travel along at your own pace. Spend a day or two at the beaches that come in three different colors. Stop at the Ancient Petroglyph Fields and immerse yourself in these historical rock carvings. Spend a day at Kaloko-Honokohau National Park exploring the 1160 acres or make a quick stop at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and hike 1 km. While there you can check out Kilauea and Maunaloa, two of the three active volcanoes the main island has. If you like waterfalls you must stop and visit Rainbow Falls and Anakaka Falls. You can also try out surfing, and other sporting activities. It’s important that you have the appropriate water sports insurance in place before you travel in case the unexpected happens. For coffee lovers there is a 32 km long stretch of scenic highway with over 600 places pertaining to coffee. You can also join a tour to visit several local farms that ends with a gourmet meal prepared with local ingredients.

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