Dental Tourism: Cheap Places To Get Your Teeth Fixed

Dental tourism, which is also known as a dental vacation, is one of the many sub domains of medical tourism. Owing to rising costs of healthcare in most developed countries, many people prefer to travel to developing countries or nations that offer economic healthcare. Not only does one manage to get cheap dental care but also gets to have a holiday in the process. The holiday doubles up as a vacation as well as time to completely recover after a treatment, if there are any downtimes.

How cheap the entire dental vacation would be will not only depend on the cost of dental care but also traveling costs, accommodation and the expenses of staying at a particular city in a country. Here are three places to get your teeth fixed for dirt cheap.


Thailand, particularly its capital city Bangkok, has pioneered dental tourism in Asia. The tropical weather, the cheap accommodation and extremely economic dental care facilities offer a perfect combination for a dental vacation. Presently, Thailand has emerged as the top destination for dental tourism in most global surveys and market studies.

Thailand is cheap even by the Asian standards, that is vis-à-vis other countries in South Asia. It is phenomenally cheap when one looks at the expenses from the perspective of US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds or Australian Dollars.


India has become a global hub of dental tourism and medical tourism at large. The vast country offers all types of dental care and at prices which are unprecedented in the west. Over the last five years, India has become the most preferred destination for Americans and Europeans for dental care and other medical procedures. Since the country also offers a great vacation along with state of the art dental care, it is a natural choice for a dental vacation.


The healthcare industry in Singapore is at par with the best in the world and is actually better than many developed countries. Dental care in Singapore is not cheap, by Asian standards, but when one looks at the leverage of currency exchange then it becomes very cheap for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Australians.

These three places offer the best dental care at the best prices. There are some countries like Peru, Costa Rica and Cuba offering cheaper dental care but they do not offer the best dental care. Americans may find travelling to Mexico simpler than travelling to Asia and Europeans might choose Hungary or Jordan over the aforementioned. But if you want the best of both worlds, finest dental care at the cheapest prices, then these three places should be in your reckoning.

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