Cottage Country Getaways Within Your Grasp

As winter begins to turn the corner with lengthening days and less chilly temperatures, the time to start planning for the dog days of summer will soon be upon us.  Even if a protracted summer vacation is out of the question due to work demands and/or a precarious job market situation, there are still many stunning places located close by many major North American metropolises where you can unwind and enjoy the most blessed time of year weather wise.

Typically known as cottage country, these are locales where subtle or dramatic natural beauty provides a place of calm and solace for those worn down by the grind of modern life, all within a few short hours from your front door.  For the sake of making an example, we have chosen three cities across this diverse continent to highlight the possibilities that are available to the prospective cottage/cabin renter.

So, turn up the summery jams and get ready to jump in the lake in your mind’s eye, as we profile cottage country getaways within your grasp…

Toronto, Ontario: The Canadian Shield Is Calling Your Name

Making a career in the business capital of Canada can be a tough gig, considering the traffic, the weather, and a certain inept mayor.  With all these stressors, Torontonians need a stress relief valve.  Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided that escape in the form of the Canadian Shield, which has created a landscape just hours north of the city that is dotted with countless lakes and rivers, all defined by exposed granite throughout a landscape that just screams, “Canada!”.

From the Kawartha Lakes to Bobcaygeon, The Bruce Peninsula to Owen Sound, there are numerous opportunities to cast a line in search of a big fish, kayak/canoe across a misty lake in the early morning, or camp beneath heavily scented pine and spruce trees.  Simply put, this place is the natural yin to Toronto’s urban yang!

New York City: The Catskills Await Your Arrival

Moving on from Canada’s centre of the universe to America’s, life in New York City can be exciting, with abundant culture, worldly displays that manifest themselves from one neighbourhood to the other, and infinite opportunity to rocket your career to the stratosphere.  With that mash of 21 million people, work expectations, and other assorted pressures, even the most hard-boiled person will need a break from time to time.

In this vein, running off to the Catskills has been a key plank in many New Yorker’s quest for balance over the years. Here, one can expect many elegantly carved escarpments that have been shaped by glaciers and rivers over the eons, which have attracted many artists in the region due to its beauty. Among people drawn to this area, tubing, kayaking, rafting and hiking are some of the most common pursuits.

Seattle, Washington: The Islands Of Puget Sound Will Melt Your Stress Away

As many people have moved to the Pacific Northwest due to its more laid back, artistic, and nature-centred culture, you might think that people living here might not need a break like those in the more Eastern cities described earlier in this article. All work and no play does indeed make Jack or Jane a dull person though, so even Seattleites seek to get out of town to enjoy their dramatic natural surrounds whenever they can.

The lengthy Puget Sound and its numerous islands provide the perfect short getaway, as they have many advantages. The starkly gorgeous peaks of the North Cascade Mountains comprise the background of this region, inspiring those that are artistically inclined, sea life such as killer whales and dolphins often breach the ocean surface when one is out on a sea kayaking run, and many top chefs have relocated here to serve up the best food that Washington has to offer, while being able to enjoy the spoils of their new backyard on their time off!

You’ve Sacrificed A Lot Over The Past Few Years … Enjoy Yourself This Summer!

After a long and painful economic downturn, morning has finally come back to North America.  By making time for you and your family to enjoy the uncountable natural spoils of our expansive continent, you will be making a critical investment in your physical, mental and emotional health.

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