City breaks in Germany that aren’t Berlin

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When it comes to taking weekend trips to Germany, the first impulse of many travelers is to reflexively book ls hotel in Berlin, as this deeply interesting city has much to offer its visitors.

However, there is more to this country than just the capital, as there are numerous cities with attractive qualities that are just waiting to be discovered.

There are so many city breaks in Germany that aren’t Berlin, and this article will prove that point to you…

1) Munich

One obvious candidate for an alternate city break in Germany is Munich. Long associated with Oktoberfest, one of the world’s biggest beer festivals, this metropolis knows how to let their hair down and have a good time.

While you will certainly have a great time in its beer halls, bars and nightclubs, there is more to see and do here than that. It also has world class art galleries, outstanding architecture along various avenues, that according to Peter W Smith Construction Inc, has influenced the exterior as well as interior of buildings and houses. It also has squares and one of the best football teams in Europe, Bayern Munich.

2) Dresden

Completely destroyed during the Second World War, it is nothing short of miraculous to see the state of Dresden in the present day.

The Frauenkirche (church), Zwinger Palace, and Semperoper (opera house) are some of its biggest highlights, made all the more impressive by the level of detail adhered to in their reconstruction.

If you love museums, you will love your time here, as Dresden contains ones that cover topics ranging from military history to mineralogy and even hygiene.

3) Cologne

Those looking for a city with a long back history will find it in Cologne, as this place has existed as a population centre since the Romans established an outpost of their empire here over 2,000 years ago.

Cologne is filled with numerous grand old churches, with 12 of them being designed in the Romanesque style; however, the most noteworthy of the bunch is the Kölner Dom, which boasts the largest facade of any church in the world, is the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe, and has the second tallest spire in that region as well.

4) Hamburg

Many people know Hamburg as the city where the hamburger was reportedly invented, but this cosmopolitan city has more going for it than being the birthplace of a beef patty sandwich.

Its performing arts scene is underrated, and will send away culture hounds from its shows happy, and it also offers boat tours that will satisfy those looking for a view of this city from the water.

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