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Does your summer travel plans have you exploring Italy this year? If so, and if your tour has you passing through the fashion capital of Milan, don’t restrict the fabulousness to the clothes that you will be checking out here. Some of the outstanding restaurants in the country can be found here … as such, you owe it to yourself to sample some of the best restaurants in Milan while you are here.

1) Il Luogo Di Aimo E Nadia

Run for generations by a locally-respected family, the chefs and cooks at Il Luogo Di Aimo E Nadia has had time to perfect their style of cooking. This effort has borne fruit in the form of a two Michelin star rating, which is good news for those seeking some of the very best in Tuscan cooking in Milan.

If you are overwhelmed by the options on the menu, a tasting menu has been launched in recent years to allow you to sample the brilliance that co-owners Aimo and Nadia have maintained in the present day. If it is a full meal that you crave, we humbly suggest that you try the suckling pig.

2) Giacomo

A favorite of many international celebrities when they drop in on Milan, Giacomo offers the best Italian twist on seafood in this highly stylish city.

This restaurant’s seclusion from the city centre in a non-descript residential area partially explains its appeal with the A-list crowd, as does the attention to detail paid to its interior, which is a complete 180 from this restaurant’s humble exterior.

Those looking for a food recommendation will find the scampi with zucchini flowers to be sublimely satisfying, but in a menu filled with so many hits, it’s hard to go wrong with any selection.

3) Cracco

Being yet another restaurant that has found a place on Michelin’s two-star list in Milan among other accolades, Cracco is another choice that will ensure that your dining experiences in Italy’s fashion capital will be be filled with nothing but outstanding highlights.

Named after its kitchen boss Carlo Cracco, its leader constantly pushes his cooks to redefine the cutting edge of Milanese cooking. In addition to the killer dishes that come through the pass (be sure to try the egg yolk spaghetti if you are in the mood for pasta), this establishment has also been lauded for having some of the world’s finest wines on offer according to the Worldwide Sommelier Association. In short, a night spent here will be well worth whatever the bill comes to at the end of the evening.

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