An Australian City Air Crawl


Throughout the airline industry, a ticket known as a round the world fare has long been available to those seeking to clear up the complex logistics behind buying flights on such a long journey. While this obviously has been shown to be popular among travelers on a global scale, there are smaller options that allow easier exploration around hard to navigate regions of the world.

One of these places is the massive nation of Australia, where traveling overland means thousands upon thousands of kilometres spent suffering in an uncomfortable bus seat, or struggling with fatigue as the driver of a purchased or hired car. At least one of the domestic airlines offers a walkabout pass, allowing you to travel between its cities over a pre-defined itinerary, making planning simpler and cheaper.

All excited to go exploring, but not sure what each city offers? In the following lines, we will briefly describe the best of what each place brings to the table.


Just about every traveler begins their Australian adventure, but instead of turning around and hightailing it for points beyond, take some time to take in culture at the Sydney Opera House, be a daredevil and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or chill out and relax at the chill and happening urban district known as The Rocks.


Jetting up to Sydney’s tropical metropolis, Brisbane has many attractions worth seeing. Hug a koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, then head just south of the city proper and wither watch surfers do their thing on the consistent breakers off the Gold Coast, or get in the water and learn how to get started as you get schooled on your form by the same dudes.


Being closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than the federal capital of Indonesia, Darwin, the diminutive but charming capital of the Northern Territory will prove to be a marvelous place to hide away fro a few days. Being populated by people from over 50 nations (with a great many being from nearby Southeast Asia), the markets here take on an exotic flavour, and war buffs will love pouring over the remnants of the only place in Australia attacked by Japan in the Second World War.


Being the most isolated major city in the world, Perth nonetheless has plenty of cosmopolitan charms to go along with its natural attractions, which include stunning Rottsnest Island and its blindingly white sand beaches, as well as the many wineries of the Swan River Valley, home to many of the fine bottles that come out of Australia on a yearly basis.


A perfect place to end a plane assisted circuit of Australia is Melbourne, which is often described as the cultural heart of the country. Its numerous arty cafes, theatres and cosy pubs are filled with music and other forms of artistic expression, making this place the ideal destination for the self-identifying thespian.

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