Enjoying The Classic Architecture in Brussels

Grote Markt by CC user vilavelosa on Flickr
While much of continental Europe is known the world over for its iconic architecture, certain centres are better known for it than others. Among them, Rome, Paris, and Barcelona have attracted international attention, but did you know that unsuspecting Brussels also has more than its share of attractive building.

Being recognized by UNESCO on this basis alone, heading over to the capital of the European Union on what would otherwise be a boring late fall weekend is sure to yield you a few days filled non-stop clicking of camera shutters on your part.

Located only a quick flight or Chunnel train ride away from London, it will make for a nice break from the monotony of daily life back in England. While we are sure of this, we also realize that your time is precious, so with that in mind, here are some of the best examples of classic architecture in Brussels, Belgium that will make this city break well worth the expense in terms of time and money.

1) Grote Markt

While you are here to enjoy some of the most beautiful buildings that can be found anywhere in the Low Countries, you may also realize that Belgium is also world famous for the quality of its food and drink.

Sample of this cities’ gastronomic bounty in between photo sessions by taking in the many shops, restaurants and bars that are present at the Grote Markt. Serving as the traditional town centre for what is now the city of Brussels, many example of Gothic (Brussels Town Hall) and Baroque (the guildhalls) can be found here, but don’t forget to sample the beer that Belgium is famous for, nor should you miss tucking into a decadently prepared Belgian waffle.

2) Horta Museum

Another architectural style that Brussels is famous for is Art Nouveau, a discipline that the Horta Museum specializes in. Situated in the home of architect Victor Horta, originator of the Art Nouveau style, this institution shows off furniture, art and interior features that symbolize this contemporary take on design. Don’t forget to scale the spiral staircase!

3) Palais des Beaux Arts

Masterminded by Victor Horta, but done in the style of Art Deco, the Palais des Beaux Arts plays host to the National Orchestra of Belgium, but there’s more to this facility than just that. With a sculpture hall dedicated to its famous architect, as well as a screening room for art house films and a restaurant specializing in the best cuisine that this nation has to offer, you have a building worth spending your last evening in Brussels before departing back home the next day.

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