Airlines with the best in-flight perks


With ticket prices on a steady upward trajectory due to the ever increasing cost of fuel, and stringent airport security regimens, the act of flying has gotten more stressful with each passing year. These factors have led to airlines seeking out ways to curry favor among the flying public as the industry has gotten tougher. 

After all, once you have dealt with all the nonsense that comes with getting on an airplane these days, the time you spend in the cabin should be relaxing, yes? The airlines in this article subscribe to this theory, and have aligned their policies and practices to reflect this mindset.

If you have had too many negative experiences flying in recent years, the following best in-flight perks may make you fall for air travel all over again.

1) Emirates Airlines – suites with showers in first class

When one is on a long-haul flight, hygiene issues tend to come to the fore. While some try to cope by bringing deodorant and baby wipes, Emirates Airlines has given their first class customers the holy grail of cleanliness: actual showers. With only 14 people in first class, the plane carries enough water to allow each of them to enjoy five minutes of steamy aquatic bliss at 36,000 feet.

2) Virgin Airlines – a crystal-studded in-flight bar

After engaging in business or a quick tour of some of Europe’s cultural treasures over a week of self-mandated downtime, chances are you’ll be a bit exhausted or stressed out. Few things help you unwind quite like a stiff drink, but Virgin Airlines takes it to the next level for those in its business class section.

Rather than simply serve you from the beverage cart, those who shelled out more for their fare have the luxury of walking up to a Swarovski crystal decorated bar and ordering a glass of the tastiest single-malt whiskey you’ve had in some time. Who knows, you might meet that perfect stranger as both of you soar through the night back to North America.

3) Air New Zealand – made to order food

It’s a common complaint among almost all economy class passengers through almost the entire history of aviation – in-flight meals that have the consistency of rubber when served to their undeserving guests.

Air New Zealand may have come up with with a solution to this pesky problem though, as it has recently started flying with induction ovens onboard. These enable the flight crew to cook certain meals to order, meaning that your steak, burger or eggs will arrive at your tray table with just the right hue of pink. With service like this, who needs business class!

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