Are you a busy professional?  If you are, you may think you have no time at all for something as “superfluous” as travelling.  Actually, the truth is that you would like to join the backpacking hordes exploring the Earth, but you don’t want to give up your blossoming career that you love dearly to do it.  Further, the idea of sleeping in hostels and budget hotels where the light bulbs flicker uncomfortably, the paint of the wall is peeling, and … wait, did a cockroach just scurry past us on the floor? No, you require clean, comfortable, and dare we say it, stylish accommodations when and if you get the opportunity to travel somewhere cool.

You’ve worked hard, and you deserve a just reward.  That’s why our staff here at Only A Flight Away works even harder to dig up the latest in hot city escapes, quick beach getaways, and other travel excursions that you can hit up when your time is limited.  Why not get out there and experience the world, even if you have a small amount of free time?  After all, so many amazing experiences are only a quick flight away from where you live, and we are committed to showing you how you can enjoy them to the max!

What you’ll find on our blog are guides to making the most of a short amount of time in some of the best destinations in the world that are quickly accessible.  Spend a weekend sampling the best of America’s microbrews in Portland, Oregon, or wandering around an underrated festival that will deliver bang for your travelling buck.  Take some personal days, tack them onto either side of a holiday period, and soak up the sun on a hot tropical island that is only a short hop away from your home … whether you live in North America, Europe, or Oceania, the options are many, and we are dedicated to telling you about them all!

Additionally, we publish tip articles that will help you through some of the obstacles that travel erects, like airport security.  We also make you aware of life hacks that open up once you figure out that the world is now your backyard.  For instance, by rolling a dental cleaning or a medical checkup into your vacation abroad, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in expenses!

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Keep working hard and winning at life, but remember: when it’s time to relax and blow off steam, your next getaway is always … Only A Flight Away!