3 North American Hotspots Worth Getting Away To For The Weekend

North America has hundreds of weekend hotspots. Depending on which state or province you live in, in United States or Canada, you would certainly have your personal favorites. The likes of New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Chicago in the United States and numerous places in Alberta, the likes of Toronto, Vancouver and others in Canada or the tropical destinations in Mexico are certainly a favorite among millions. But most of these places are not typically weekend destinations because you cannot possibly explore everything in just two days or over an extended weekend. Besides, a weekend destination should ideally be idyllic, serene and calm while not letting go on adventure and excitement factors.

Here are 5 North American hotspots worth getting away to for the weekend.

San Juan Islands

Many people in the United States have not even thought of exploring the San Juan Islands. It is one of the finest paradises in North America. A quick ferry ride from Seattle or you can take the sea plane and you will be amidst lush green islands which cannot be described in words. San Juan Islands is also a haven for kayakers, cyclers and ideal for families. From the Whale Museum to the Moran State Park, there is a lot to explore in San Juan Islands that would keep you satiated.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of the favorites for Californians. The vineyards, free wine testing, the pristine drives and the serene landscape of Napa Valley is a pleasure for any avid traveler. It is also a cheap weekend destination compared to major cities or other tourist hubs in North America.

San Antonio

San Antonio is one place where you could have a luxurious, entertaining and a calm weekend getaway, all at the same time. The city has the perfect blend of quaint locales, cultural centers, recreational hotspots and good weather which is conducive for a rewarding holiday.


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