5 Beautiful European Beaches Only A Flight From London

When an avid traveler talks about beaches, it is predominantly focused on tropical beaches in Asia, Caribbean and some exotic islands. There are numerous European beaches which are equally breathtaking, if not more enticing. There may not be many tropically beaches that Europe boasts of but Mediterranean beaches have their own indelible wonders. Besides, there are many lesser explored beaches, around the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and across the Mediterranean coastlines apart from some that are off the European mainland.

Here are some of the most beautiful European beaches which are only a flight from London. You would have direct flights to many of these beaches while some require a stopover or a connecting flight, without any layover of a day or night.

Cala d’en Serra, Ibiza

Ibiza is a land of beaches. There are dozens of hotspots in Ibiza but if you want a very different, pleasant and satiating holiday then Cala d’en Serra would be ideal. The cove at Cala d’en Serra is a paradise. If you love seafood, enjoy snorkeling and would like to incite the photographer in you then this place will have you mesmerized. The rocky landscape that block of the entire world from the cove makes for a very private holiday at Cala d’en Serra in Ibiza.

Scopello, Sicily (Trapani)

You do not have to be a staunch lover of gangster flicks to fall in love with the picturesque Scopello in Sicily. You would get convenient flights to Trapani and the sheer setting of the beach, the cove, the architecture in the small village town and natural rock fixtures in the sea are all enticing.

Canary Islands, Lanzarote

You would not be able to get enough of Canary Islands in one trip. If you have visited mainland Spain then you should explore this gem which is a Spanish province but far away from Spain, but close enough from London. Canary Islands is a tropical destination and you would love it during winter or any other time of the year.

Sopot, Poland

Very few people explore beaches in Poland as the country is not really synonymous with white sandy beaches. But Sopot would change all such perceptions, if you had them. Sopot is a favorite of Polish families but the main beach is large enough to avoid being overcrowded even in the most peak times.

Monaco, French Riviera

French Riviera hardly needs an introduction for anyone living in London. Whether you want to visit St Topaz or Cannes, you cannot afford to miss out on Monaco, its heritage and beautiful beaches. Once you visit Monaco, you would certainly want to go back again.

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